Developmental Editing

Your first draft is finished. You’ve breathed life into your characters, dreamed about them, and spent so many hours with them that they now seem like part of your family. Your friends have read it, and, of course, they loved it. You’ve also showed it to your book club. They liked it and probably offered valuable opinions about tweaking it a bit here and there. All very beneficial, but you’ve lived with the manuscript so long that it’s difficult to step far enough away from it to see how to integrate all those diverse and well-intentioned suggestions.

Where do you start? A good place is with a Developmental Editor, an objective reader who we can spot your book’s shortcomings then take it from where it is to where it can be, all without changing your voice. It’s still your book, only better.

With over 20 years of experience in developmental editing of both technical reports and fiction, I can help you improve the content, organization, and flow of your book.

Costs will be individually tailored to your needs. For more information, email: